Sedimentation poses the greatest threat to the sustainability of hydropower plants and reservoirs because it reduces storage capacity and damages hydromechanical equipment. Since sediment imbalances also cause adverse ecological effects, efforts to manage it are critical.
Conventional methods of evaluating sedimentation do not work on varying flow rates and seasonal changes in sediment content due to the constraints of physical sample collection and the inherently lower spatial and temporal representation of these methods. To offer a solution, the Sediment Assessment Dashboard measures sediment concentration (g/m3) in rivers and reservoirs at high spatial and temporal resolutions using Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 multispectral data.
In addition, the platform provides solutions that can be used by hydropower companies and reservoir operators to identify high erosion areas; develop and validate sediment rating curves; determine trap efficiency, sediment distribution and yields; and facilitate suitable sediment management practices. A web-based dashboard gives users an easy and intuitive means of accessing such data and solutions.

Satsense Solutions Limited
Pranav Pasari, Nikhil Pasari, Umang Buddhdev