Despite the increasing ubiquity of data globally, small-scale farmers and other localscale agricultural stakeholders lack the access and competence necessary to use data for agriculture management. Since agricultural pests cause farmers to lose 20–30% of their crop production (with disastrous effects on their livelihood and food security), monitoring and data-driven forecasts of crop pests and diseases are crucially significant.
SmartFarms Tool offers AI-based forecasts of pest outbreaks and their impact on agricultural yields for farmers and small-scale agricultural stakeholders in East Africa. The tool also provides customers with a platform for learning and creating awareness, along with supplemental data from the Copernicus climate/land use/land cover layers for farm and pasture management. Customers also receive inputs and feedback that further enriches the model upstream.
SmartFarms’ overall revenue is estimated to be $54 million annually, and that figure is expected to triple by 2030. It will make decision-making easier, promote equitable and climate-smart agricultural development, lower crop losses, and enhance food security and wellbeing.

Dtime Limited
Hemant Tripathi, Dr Gautham Krishnadas,
Diksha Nagarkoti