Data in Use
ASAR data and in situ measurements taken by sensors for soil moisture for NDVI. MODIS and AVHRR for NDVI.

Service summary
The use of remote sensing provides the agricultural industry and land managers with a valuable tool to improve and manage crop productivity across large extensions. Monitoring soil moisture and plant health using satellite data and integrating this information with measurements from in-situ sensors, provides agricultural managers and decision-makers with fundamental information for optimal production and an efficient use of water for irrigation.

Customer Benefit
Our service can help farmers achieve optimal agricultural production with an efficient use of water for irrigation.

Added value through Copernicus
The launches of Sentinels 1 and 3 will be crucial for the provision of soil moisture and NDVI monitoring services, respectively. Revisit times of 2-3 days for both are a great asset for service provision.


Starlab Barcelona SL
Elizabeth Gil-Roldán