The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to spend more and more time at home, making “livability” in the home increasingly important. However, this aspect is determined by factors that depend on individual choices that change over time. The SOOM service helps determine livability by giving users key insights on aspects like air quality (health), greenness (nearby parks) and temperature (personal preference) to support the decision-making process when choosing a new residence. SOOM uses a combination of multiple remote-sensing datasets (including from Sentinel-2, -3, and -5) and open data sources to score the living environment of a place and provide missing information on livability. This creates a quantitative value in the global real estate market, which is said to be worth EUR 8 trillion.
In addition to enabling people to move house with peace of mind and be more aware of their immediate environment, SOOM will ultimately contribute to people’s daily happiness at home.

Takeo Akutsu