Data in Use
Service is presently using Asar and Meris data from ENVISAT, Modis data from TERRA and AQUA, Avnir2 from ALOS.

Service summary
SRRS performs real-time processing of satellite data from ESA and NASA missions, making these data available only 2 minutes after acquisition. SRRS’ strength is instant availability: raw data are processed without waiting for them to become higher level products, meaning no reliance on processing times in reception centres, and instant access to images and data for users and researchers on any type of client (mobiles, PCs, tablets, etc.).

Customer Benefit
Download latest meteo images, hi-res photos, mosaics. Real-time monitoring of sea phytoplankton, volcanoes eruptions, vegetation index. Ship detection by ports.

Added value through GMES
Coverage of Earth as never possible before due to GMES’ availability, product quality, low revisiting times, and SRRS’ instant value-added product generation. Truly real-time planet view for high numbers of users.


Company info
Luca Mellano
CHELYS srl, Italy