Tradewind helps companies take better decisions when investing in renewable energy. The energy market is very complex and highly volatile, with electricity prices jumping from EUR -30/MW to EUR 200/MW within hours. This increases the risk associated with investments. An average Danish windfarm may involve as many as 60 companies that all need to make well evaluated business decisions and calculate investment returns. Among other things, these companies decide on suitable types of turbines and assess expected fluctuations in production and revenue for the next 25 years. Tradewind, on the other hand, provides all these services on one platform. The service generates predictions of electricity production and prices by streamlining historical weather data from the Copernicus programme’s ERA5 and UERRA reanalysis models, as well as energy market data. Through these large data sets, the team is able to reflect weather variability and provide risk and reliability assessments that are unprecedented in the market.

Andreas Stokholm, August Zachariae,
Malte Hviid-Magnussen