Data in Use
TERRA ASTER and LANDSAT TIR bands; also researching other data sources, including atmospheric and SWIR/VNIR

Service summary
Reducing thermal waste, particularly over large areas or in large buildings, is vital in lowering global carbon emissions. ThermCERT uses space-derived data to enhance quality and scanning frequency over the lifetime of a thermal investment; increase the effectiveness of carbon credits/trading; and provide a suite of tools for targeting, measuring, reporting on, verifying, communicating, and promoting thermal efficiency investments.

Customer Benefit
Provides cost-effective targeting of “worst offender areas” and tools to measure and maximise returns on thermal investments, including cash paybacks.

The Expertise
«ThermCERT addresses the need for a European policy concerning the improved energy efficiency of houses and buildings. It uses available ground-based data and merges it with thermal infrared satellite imaging to support the energy certification of buildings.»

Gunter Schreier
Head of Business Development & GMES Coordination
German Remote Sensing Data Center (DFD) German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Company info
Stevenson Astrosat, UK
Steve Lee