Data in Use
SAR satellites such as Cosmo-Skymed, Sentinel 1, and RadarSATs 1 & 2 can be utilised, as well as HR-optical systems in the form of GeoEye where appropriate.

Service summary
Extreme weather events are having increasingly negative effects on our transport infrastructures, with events such as landslides and subsidence disrupting networks on a relatively regular basis.
In countries with widely dispersed networks (like Canada, Brazil, or China) satellites targeted at pre-identified “problem spots” identified by the network operator can report back on even the most remote portions of the network, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming patrols.

Customer Benefit
Transport network operators will benefit from this service as they will be able to quickly examine their infrastructure for signs of disruptive events (landslides, etc).

The Expertise
«Transport Sentry is an innovative infrastructure monitoring concept exploiting the capabilities of Sentinel-1 while reducing cost and fieldwork. The business offers significant potential, particularly for export to large countries with low population density.»

Stuart Martin
Satellite Applications Catapult
CEO and Executive Director


Company info
Stevenson Astrosat
Steve Lee