Dieter Pikulski

Juárez (Chihuahua, Mexico): Densely populated by workers El Paso (Texas, USA): Major industrial location Though they couldn’t be more different, these two cities share a symbiosis and mutual dependency. Obviously, one cannot be without the other. Divided by the Rio Grande, Juárez and El Paso are two halves of one anatomic, pulsating heart. Everyday life is transcending borders. Four bridges are the most important points of access for emigration, immigration, goods, money, drugs, energy, crime, weapons, labour, partnerships, and more. Is industry conditional upon labor resulting in employment? Do nations’ needs promote exploitation, along with all its consequences? What type of heart do we want to power the world?


© ESA/NASA, Dieter Pikulski


Gallery of the 15 finalists of the GEO Illustration Challenge 2015