Data in Use
Data will be obtained via UrtheCast cameras mounted on the Russian segment of the International Space Station.

Service summary
UrtheCast is launching a platform to provide the world’s first HD streaming video of planet Earth from space. Two cameras mounted on the ISS will send images and video to ground stations on Earth, which will process and stream them to users on the Internet, television channels, and smartphones. UrtheCast plans to utilise existing imagery of Earth both to build the web platform and leverage the infrastructure, relationships, and resources of GMES.

Customer Benefit
UrtheCast will generate significant awareness worldwide. Unique applications will include social media, environmental monitoring, education, and more.

The Expertise
«UrtheCast scored highest because the company convinced with a clear go-to-market strategy, their technical description of the proposed solution, and its innovative use of GMES data and cloud computing.»

Jurry de la Mar
Head of International Sales – Public Sector
T-Systems International GmbH


Company info
UrtheCast, Canada
Scott Larson & Team