Data in Use
Aerial multispectral imagery, HR1/HR2 and VHR1/VHR2 multispectral EO data

Service summary
Wide-Area Monitoring using Spaceborne and Airborne Platforms (WAMSAPs) is a novel approach to facilitating continuous, cost-effective monitoring of man-made and natural environments in a more timely and comprehensive manner.

Customer Benefit
Enables mass development of exciting new geospatial web information services by producing continuous, real-time, remotely sensed data streams.

The Expertise
«WAMSAPs made its case using multiple sensors that require the dynamic scalability of a cloud computing platform depending on the respective type of measurement (space or airborne). The concept also won the jury over with its variety of potential business models and clear technical implementation plan.»

Dr Jurry de la Mar
Head of International Sales – Public Sector
T-Systems International GmbH


Company info
iGeotec, Ireland
Dr Tim McCarthy