Data in Use
Wave will use Copernicus data such as water temperature, UV index, ozone and pollen levels. The Copernicus program is critical to Wave – Wave cannot provide useful answers without multi-source, timely data.

Service summary
Wave is an iOS voice assistant app that answers city-related questions, including information derived from EO satellites, asked in natural language. This makes Wave intuitive and allows for easy semantic searching. Users ask what they want to know, such as “Where can I swim”, “How is the air quality today?”, or “Where can I get a city bike?” and receive a map or bar chart. Data from the Copernicus programme warns users of conditions like high UV radiation or pollen when needed.

Customer Benefit
Voice assistant apps are faster than touch interfaces in many scenarios, as users can specify what they want to know more precisely without having to work through a complicated interface.
The speech recognition and text2speech system also allows usage by visually impaired users.

The Expertise
«Wave combines satellite information and localisation technologies into a pocket-size tool that serves as your own personal guide. Among other advantages, the app offers information on using green means of transport, barrier freedom, air quality, and insider tips. As more Sentinels become operational, Wave also has tremendous potential to integrate further satellite data.»

Dr Thomas Beer
Copernicus Policy Coordinator
European Space Agency (ESA)


Company info
Patrick Wolowicz software, Austria