30 Sep '20 - 02 Oct '20 | Delft, The Netherlands

9th International Systems & Concurrent Engineering for Space Applications Conference

The goal of the Conference is to foster exchange of ideas, experiences, lessons learned and future trends in the area of Systems and Concurrent Engineering, via the following objectives:

  1. To exchange experiences, know-how and lessons learned in Systems Engineering & Concurrent Engineering (SE&CE) for space applications and promote cross-fertilisation between space and non-space domains
  2. To showcase SE&CE solutions enabling collaboration among engineering disciplines and the supply chain
  3. To enhance CE approaches in all phases of the project life cycle.
  4. To share metrics and cost/benefit assessments on new strategies, tools and technologies for SE&CE
  5. To debate new and future trends in SE&CE
  6. To infuse Knowledge Capture and Lessons Learned Management strategies into SE&CE practices for space applications
  7. To promote SE&CE education in academia
  8. To support the preparation of future R&D roadmap in CE and SE