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On 8 December 2020, the festive Space Awards of the Copernicus Masters took place in front of an international audience during the online European Space Week 2020. 9 business cases from the Challenge winners and 13 Copernicus Prize winners were recognised during the Space Awards by high-ranking industry and institutional representatives, such as the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus, Planet, BayWa AG, the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) and AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen, the organiser. During the Space Pitches on 7 December the 13 Copernicus Prize winners presented their solutions to the participants of the online European Space Week.


Challenge Winners

ESA Digital Twin Earth (DTE) Challenge
Urban Green from Earth Observation (U-GEO) submitted by Federico Ferroni, Andrea Mastropietro, Flavio Proietti and Giuseppe Pilato, U-GEO

DLR Environment, Energy & Health Challenge
AquaLab – Preserve Water! submitted by Paulina Raeva, Tsvetelina Bordjukova, Petko Bordjukov, Maya Ilieva and Silviya Katsarska-Filipova, MAP.ING Ltd.

Planet “See Change, Change the World” Challenge
IMARA – Quantifying Nature’s Benefits for People submitted by Elise van Tilborg, Ard Schakel, Ard Lengkeek and Frank van Schoubroeck,

BayWa Smart Farming Challenge
ClearSky Vision – Up to Date Cloudless Optical Satellite Imageary submitted by Morten Fjord Pedersen and Malthe Dahl Jensen, ClearSky Vision

Airbus sobloo Multi-Data Challenge
Lumikko – Flood Monitoring and Prediction submitted by Paul van der Rijt and Nafiseh Ghasemi, Lumikko Remote Sensing Solutions

BMVI Digital Transport Challenge
Safe Navigation on Ice in Polar Regions submitted by Tabea Rettelbach and Alexandra Zuhr

EC EU Space data for new Business Applications Challenge
Space.Science – A One-Stop Shop for Customised EO Solutions submitted by Daniel Levarsky and Daniel Sagath, Space.Science

EC EU Space data for „Blue Economy“ Challenge
Waterjade – River Flow Monitoring and Discharge Predictions with EO submitted by Matteo DallAmico, Waterjade by MobyGIS

University Challenge
Terroir from Space submitted by Alessandro Saetta, Terroir from Space


Copernicus Prize Winners

Copernicus Prize Austria
Semantic Enrichment of EO Images on Demand submitted by Martin Sudmanns, Univ. Salzburg, Department of Geoinformatics – Z_GIS

Copernicus Prize Bremen / Germany
Coast Mapper – A Systematic Coast Observation System submitted by Andrzej Chybicki, Zbigniew £ubniewski, Waldemar Kor³ub, Tomasz Berezowski, Pawe³ Sosnowski, Marek Kulawiak, Tomasz Bieliñski and Jaros³aw Parzuchowski, Gdansk University of Technology / Research Team

Copernicus Prize Catalonia / Spain
HAToM – A Deep-Tech Urban-Rural Computing Tool submitted by Milena Orlandini and team, Tinkerers Lab

Copernicus Prize Czech Republic
Dr. Mud – Let’s Get Muddy, Soil’s Best Buddy! submitted by Roman Bohovic, Matúš Hrnciar and Jan Labohý, World from Space s.r.o.

Copernicus Prize Denmark
Supporting Smart Renewable Energy Investments submitted by Andreas Stokholm, August Zachariae and Malte Hviid-Magnussen, Tradewind

Copernicus Prize Finland
Avoin Map – Uniting People for a Better Planet submitted by Otso Valta, Avoin Map

Copernicus Prize France
Alperion: Natural Disaster Damage Assessment Made Easy submitted by Giorgio Licciardi, Jocelyn Chanussot and Vincent Couturier-Doux, DSE – Data Science Experts

Copernicus Prize Hesse / Germany
EOmatic – Soil Moisture for Humans and Devices submitted by Ilya Bolkhovsky and Lloyd Hughes, EOmatic

Copernicus Prize Italy
Urban Green from Earth Observation (U-GEO) submitted by Federico Ferroni, Andrea Mastropietro, Flavio Proietti and Giuseppe Pilato, U-GEO

Copernicus Prize Lithuania
Terraincure Telehealth App submitted by Oleksandr Tugayev

Copernicus Prize Madrid / Spain
SATRee – Facilitating Tree Analysis and Management from the Sky submitted by Manuel de Luque, Boscalia Technologies S.L.

Copernicus Prize The Netherlands
Reef Support – Simplifying Marine Businesses submitted by Marcel Kempers, Yohan Runhaar, Crystle Wee and Marijn van der Laan, Reef Support

Copernicus Prize Sweden
DigiFarm – From Crop to Cloud submitted by Nils Helset and Konstantin Varik, DigiFarm


Since 2011 almost 3,300 participants have submitted their innovative Earth observation solution for business and society to the Copernicus Masters. Many of the ideas submitted in previous years have been implemented and successfully launched into the market.

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