Sunburns are painful, but skin cancer is dangerous and has been rising on a global scale. To promote individual healthcare and offer a planning tool for sunny days, ajuma has developed the UV-Bodyguard. This is a wearable that connects to smartphones and continuously measures UV exposure, issues warnings, and provides a UV forecast based on Copernicus products. ajuma will apply near-real-time information on the state of the atmosphere derived from Copernicus (Sentinel-3 and -5P for ozone and aerosols) in order to provide accurate location-based UV forecasts. Users get real-time information on current UV and UV exposure, forecasts of when they should come in from the sun, and active warnings to protect them from sunburn and an increased risk of skin cancer. In the winter, it will also ascertain vitamin D deficiencies that stem from a lack of UV exposure.

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“UV Bodyguard is an application of the Copernicus Atmospheric Services that enables healthy management of our outdoor behaviour. It can be used in a way that makes it hard to even tell that it’s satellite-based. This is an important step in getting everybody – all of us as individuals – involved in using Copernicus.” – Gunter Schreier, Deputy Director, German Remote Sensing Data Center, German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Julian Meyer-Arnek