Aqua Alta

Alexander Popp

This illustration shows a satellite image of Venice in the form of a human footprint. Recent projections assessed by the US National Research Council suggest a possible sea level rise of between 56 and 200 cm over the course of the 21st century due to global warming. In addition to the many yet-unknown factors that contribute to global warming, it is certain that greenhouse gases conduce a significant part. These are mainly caused by humans. The main intention of the image is to draw attention to this dramatic situation and to make people realize that if nothing is done, Venice will sink, trampled down by humankind. The image is named after the annually recurring floods in Venice. Regardless of this environmental aspect, Venice itself is a wonderful example of human traces on Earth. This is illustrated by the outline of a footprint.

European Space Imaging/Digital Globe
Alexander Popp


Gallery of the 12 finalists of the GEO Illustration Challenge 2013