Data in Use 

  • Sentinel – 1 SAR
  • Sentinel – 2 Land Cover
  • Sentinel – 3 OLCI FAPAR and Synergy NDVI
  • Sentinel – 3 Essential Climate Variable: Aerosol Properties
  • Crowdsourced beehive data (nectar collected, foraging locations)

Service summary
Beehive Locations is a cloud-based, data-powered platform that provides beekeepers, farmers, and other users with analyses on areas where their beehives can collect nectar for their food while pollinating plants. Based on a smartphone app, it applies Earth observation data on farmland use, pesticide levels, and other factors to beehive data. The platform crowdsources a range of information from beekeepers, such as on hive temperature, honey produced, and past areas of bee pollination.

Customer Benefit

  • Beekeepers can monitor beehives in terms of climate and pollution levels
  • Information/analysis provides beekeepers with prospective areas where nectar can be foraged safely
  • Authorities and academics can obtain granular data on beekeeping practices, health, and the environment

The Expertise
«Bees play a vital role for crops and wild plants and thus have a major effect on food security and the preservation of biodiversity. The rising bee mortality rate is a warning signal. Beehive Locations offers web-based information on environmental conditions using a variety of Sentinel data, which helps beekeepers identify and monitor the most suitable locations for their bees.»

Claus Kumutat
Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt

Company info
Deepak Bhatia, Poland