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This high-resolution temperature monitoring service from space will answer the market’s need for granular land surface temperature data. It will also enable a massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and drastically improve humankind’s capability to respond quickly to environmental threats in the age of climate change.
For atmospheric corrections, ConstellR uses aerosol and cloud cover data from Sentinel-5P and water vapour products from Sentinel-3.
In response monitoring, ConstellR data will enable global irrigation optimisation at the single-field level. Main benefits are the massive potential to conserve water which will take pressure off farmers, secure food production and mitigate CO₂ emissions.


“ConstellR provides an intriguing opportunity to benefit our stressedout biosphere: The idea does not only propose cutting-edge sensor technology to be installed in orbit, it also provides for the CubeSat to carry it and for the launch to make all that happen within a short time frame. This package is a unique feature, and it has convinced me to vote for it.” – Dr Thomas Beer, Copenicus Policy Coordinator, European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN)

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