DriveClean is a data-driven solution for reducing the emission footprint of cars and trucks. It connects environmental route-related data with the engine control intelligence of vehicles. Air quality maps derived from Copernicus satellites and other sources show the exact road sections on which a vehicle will switch to its emission-reduced mode. As soon as the vehicle passes an air pollution hot spot, it significantly reduces its exhaust. DriveClean allows the combustion engine’s controller unit to lower its emissions and the concentration of the most critical pollutant types.
The biggest leverage lies in switching from fossil fuels to low-emission hydrogen, synthetic fuels or organic waste diesel, which are available in limited amounts. An air-quality digital twin with CAMS and Sentinel-5P as its key sources will make cars fit for the future.


“Mobility needs to become futureproof and sustainable. That’s why we need new innovative and climate-friendly solutions. Drive Clean convinced us immediately – by combining air pollution maps with modified engine control, vehicles should automatically trigger their engine control systems to ultimately emit less pollutants. We believe that Drive Clean can help improve air quality in our cities.”
Christiane Becker, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV)


Hartmut Runge, Robert Klarner,
Dr Frank Baier, Dr Pieter Valks