Rexplorer is a tool that aids in installing solar panels by providing detailed insights on estimated costs, payback time, and more.
It analyses layers of natural restrictions, infrastructure, weather and satellite data to provide actionable insights to companies and homeowners.
The platform quickly calculates how many panels can fit on a roof and how much energy they can produce. Users learn how much they would cost to install and when the investment would pay off.
They can also request offers from multiple trusted providers for free.
Rexplorer partners with solar companies and banks to make this process easier.


“We have been humbled by the number of ideas we had the pleasure to evaluate. It made the final choice very difficult, yet exciting to learn of so many innovative groups using UP42 in ways we could not have imagined. Rexplorer sits right at the intersection of sustainability and usability, making it easy for people and businesses to make informed decisions on their energy consumption. As an API-based app, it also opens up more possibilities, expanding its potential beyond solar panels.”
Jorge Fernandez, Head of Product, UP42


Rexplorer OÜ
Ilya Bolkhovskiy, Hendrik Hundt, Natalya Volgusheva,
Boris Ümarik, Taavi Sarnet, Jekaterina Suharenko