Data in Use
SAR (Terra/Tandem SAR-X, Cosmo-Skymed, Sentinel-1), radar altimetry

Service summary
With new renewable efforts focusing on the untapped potential of our seas, wave and tidal technologies are a major source of future energy. WaveCERT extends Astrosat’s existing “CERT Suite” of renewable, low-carbon, space-driven technologies to support this valuable source of renewable energy. The system provides vital remote modeling allowing for prediction, monitoring, and surveying of tidal and wave potential anywhere in the world.

Customer Benefit
Stevenson Astrosat is dedicated to transferring space technology to the renewable and low-carbon sectors. WaveCERT provides the new wave and tidal energy industry with a completely novel and remote means of surveying, monitoring, and reporting on site potential and existing infrastructure.

The Expertise
«Astrosat’s WaveCERT auditing tool fuses high-resolution SAR imagery with meteorological data and a FEA analysis tool to predict the wave energy potential at a specific site. This approach supports the enhanced exploitation of sea wave power as an environmentally clean energy source for the future.»

Dr Oliver Lang
Head of SAR-Monitoring Services
Astrium GEO-Information Services


Stevenson Astrosat
Steve Lee