Every year, millions of tonnes of crop waste are burnt to clear agricultural fields in India, which releases significant pollution and GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions. The huge smoke cloud that results then moves across the North Indian plains, inflicting irreversible health damage on 300 million Indians who breathe the hazardous air. Zuri is an artificial intelligence (AI) enabled platform that uses satellite data for improved monitoring, supply chain and pricing analysis, and alternative allocation of crop waste to other industries as raw material.

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“What impressed the jury most about Zuri is the proposed technology and the excellent team behind it. With Zuri’s closed system it will be possible to find the stubble and allow energy companies to buy it and use it. That is immense – solves the carbon challenge and creates clean(er) energy and income for farmers. We believe that this idea really can make a difference but also make a solid sustainable business.” – Steve Lee, CEO, Astrosat

Abhilasha Purwar