The Coastal Resilience App is a comprehensive digital tool for identifying vulnerable coastal locations, evaluating coastal risks, and responding with sustainable resilience measures. It evaluates hazard and vulnerability indicators using multiple criteria and determines a coastal risk index, which is then spatially represented on a map. The underlying causal factors are also indicated, along with sustainable nature-based resilience measures.
The Coastal Resilience App addresses a gap in the market for hyper-local coastal risk assessments that are flexible and transparent, incorporate the latest climate change data, and facilitate sustainable responses.
The solution provides better risk assessment for the insurance sector. This helps with the pricing of insurance products and widens the range of assets that are insurable. The resilience measures provided can also act as levers for reducing premiums. Finally, the Coastal Resilience App attributes costs to climatechange-related losses and damage, as well as protection value to ecosystem services.



Satsense Solutions Limited
Pranav Pasari, Umang Buddhdev, Nikhil Pasari