Orbiter is an Earth visualisation app for mobile devices. Designed to be accessible to everyone, the Orbiter app provides an up-to-date representation of the Earth and its processes.
Using current images and data from the Sentinel-2, -3, and -5p satellites, Orbiter presents beautiful, detailed, recent Earth imagery. A responsive globe allows the user to spin and zoom around the Earth, revealing high-resolution Sentinel-2 satellite images. Orbiter also allows for fast comparisons of different time periods. It provides an animated and coloured data overlay for the globe to show invisible processes of the Earth, whether natural or caused by humans. Orbiter is a late-stage development project that seeks to give everyone access to comprehensive Earth observation.
The goal is to close the gap between the scientific community and the public by offering a powerful tool for communicating the data gathered by Copernicus and the value it represents to laypersons.


“A digital twin is a virtual replica or a simulation of a physical system or system components. The ESA Challenge winner demonstrated that state-of-the art data visualization can be a powerful tool to complement other elements of the DTE concept, while, at the same time, providing excellent engagement for all kinds of users – from educators to developers.”
Anna Burzykowska, Copernicus Innovation Officer, European Space Agency (ESA)


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Tyler Rayner