Data in Use
Rasdaman is being used in satellite and climate databases (hundreds of TB) to provide analyses of snow/ice cover, atmospheric and oceanography data, subsurface geophysical data, and Mars geology.

Service summary
Science SQL gives scientists and engineers the freedom to pose any question, any time to massive volumes of 1D series of measurements, 2D satellite images, 3D-image time series, and 4D climate data. This is achieved by enhancing the standard data language SQL with support for multidimensional datacubes. The rasdaman system, a next-generation big data engine implementing this concept, has already heavily impacted international big data standards.

Customer Benefit
Scientists and engineers experience a higher quality of service at higher speed. They express what they need and the server delivers a precise corresponding result – in other words, what you get is what you need. This enables new styles of discovery and dramatic cost savings.

The Expertise
«This scalable array engine enables fast and user-friendly big data analysis that is optimised for geo-information from satellites and other sources. Among other industries, it is designed for oil and gas and insurance. While the engine significantly reduces the volume of data transferred and processed in complex queries, such queries can also easily be managed thanks to their basis on international standards.»

Dr Jurry de la Mar
T-Systems International GmbH
Account Director Global Accounts & International Business


Company info
Jacobs University
Prof Dr Peter Baumann