Raise Agriculture has developed a web application that integrates satellite data, drone imagery, and in-situ sensor data to provide interactive reports to farmers that include analysis on diseases, costs, and crop yield.
The platform is powered by AI algorithms that are used for detection of various diseases, and weeds. It also merges Sentinel-2 data to provide hydrological distributions which can be scaled further to produce recommendation maps for larger areas. During its first year in operation, Raise Agriculture gathered data from vineyards and fields of crops such as winter wheat, potatoes, and maize in order to map normal images from drones and mobile phone cameras to the signature of expensive multi-spectral sensors. This in turn produced relative nitrate distribution maps for the above-mentioned crops during their growing cycle with 91% accuracy.
The team also made fast AI detection algorithms for some of the diseases in vineyards (such as esca) and weeds in onions, as well as for weed localisation using deep learning in soya plants.


Raise Agriculture
Abir Bhattacharyya, James Specker, Magnus Bauman,
Sebastian Michel, Nilav Sarma, Pravlaika Nandeboina,
Taha Altikriti, Hien Nguyen