Data in Use
Snow observations available from weather stations and collected from professional groups on the ground

Service summary
SnowMonit is designed to improve current services that treat snow avalanche information through EO data. Snow accumulation, depth, and water equivalent are managed to exploit maps as a service while supporting the predictability of mountain hazards and the management of resources (water, energy). This near real-time service will lead to a fine-scale resolution of situational awareness for nowcasting and warn-on-forecast applications.

Customer Benefit
Accurate early-warning tool mitigates natural disasters all along the risk management value chain, benefits energy generation and areas at risk of drought.

Added value through GMES
Space assets(S-1,S-2,S-3) can produce the most accurate snow depth and continuosly observations of critical parameters such as snow surface temperature and wetness which are essential to raise the data quality.


Company info
Francesco Bartoli