VIDA is a platform that creates digital twins of remote villages in developing countries to help investors make better, faster, data-driven decisions. For these digital twins, VIDA combines Earth observation data (mainly Copernicus data) with AI algorithms and fuses them with user data (e.g. from a sensor or survey). By bringing together Earth observation data with in-situ data, reliable and granular digital maps can be created for regions that have been left out of the modern data economy. Currently, VIDA is used mainly for electrification planning (SDG7) by mini-grid and solar home system companies, government planning agencies, and development banks in Africa and South Asia. However, its mission is to deploy the best available technology wherever it can have the biggest social impact – and to bring the needs of over two billion people in underdeveloped, undocumented rural regions around the globe to the attention of infrastructure investors.

Village Data Analytics (VIDA)
Tobias Engelmeier