The growing population of recovered COVID-19 patients will need a helping hand to restore their health and resume their daily lives and work. Unfortunately, after battling COVID-19, 30% of recovered patients have been diagnosed with respiratory disorders and 10% with circulatory disorders, while 10% of asymptomatic patients still have long-term effects. Fortunately, there is a method of rehabilitating and strengthening the circulatory and respiratory system with a successful track record dating back to the mid-19th century: Terraincure. Terraincure enables users to walk on rough terrain with gradual increases in distance and elevation. It is popular in the Alpine resorts of Germany, Austria, France, and Italy, and should ideally be used in areas unaffected by environmental pollution. The concepts of mass air travel and health tourism are sure to change. Not everyone can or wants to go to the Alps, so COVID-19 patients will need rehabilitation under medical supervision wherever they live. With atmospheric data from the CAMS service based on Sentinel-5 data and multispectral images from Sentinel-2, this system will offer a comprehensive real-time picture of the ecological purity of a given area.

Oleksandr Tugayev