Reef Support is an online monitoring and predictive maintenance tool that uses AI and satellite imaging to track coastal reef health and prevent beach and aquaculture pollution. The system produces different types of data which together can be used to form a picture of reef ecology across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Meanwhile, it does so in a way that is comprehensible and rapidly accessible to small business owners. Reef Support is an automatic warning system that detects coral bleaching, algal blooms, sediment plumes, and debris caused by humans. The platform can then provide guidelines for crowd and pollution control, debris management, and coral restoration. It can also be used for strategic planning and resource management in aquaculture farming. Reef Support is a user-friendly, subscription-based service which is available for both iOS and Android. Its deep learning algorithm adapts to user applications and regional tendencies.

Reef Support
Marcel Kempers, Yohan Runhaar, Crystle Wee,
Marijn van der Laan